Our main motto is to encourage entrepreneurs in to this section by providing necessary support at all levels. We are proud enough to say that about 100+ production units were established with our support in Andhra Pradesh , Maharashtra and Karnataka and all of them were running with profits. About 200+ persons were entered into soya product marketing so far and got self employment.


We always feel that promoting and propagating health consciousness among the community is our social responsibility. So we moved ahead towards involving young and dynamic entrepreneurs from different parts of the country by providing necessary moral and technical support in establishing their own units. We are organising “Entrepreneurship Development Programmes” for unemployed youth and motivating them to avail the opportunity of getting income through production, marketing and sales of soya products. We are organizing these programmes in association with local NGO “Adithya Educational Academy” by involving different stakeholders like bankers, scientists from Krishi Vignana Kendra, East Godavari District, Khadi & Village Industries Board, District Industries office, Labour Department etc., About 2500+ persons were undergone our EDP training so far.


We are also undertaking training to individuals at our plant with practical training in production of soya Milk and soya Tofu. About 500+ individuals were visited our production unit and undergone practical training.


We supply machinery for soya milk production, Tofu/Paneer production, Flavoured milk production. We supply machinery with two types of capacities. A) SM-20: 20 Lts per batch(half an hour). B) SM-40: 40 Lts per batch (half an hour). It takes 45 to 60 days for on site delivery of machinery. The machinery contains the following items.
Machinery: 1)Boiler 2) Grinder-cum-cooker 3) Vacuum deodorizer 4) vacuum receiver 5) Milk Press 6) panner press and 7) Bottle sterilizer 8) gas stove
Manpower: one skilled operator and one helper
Space: 12 X 12 room for machinery; one room for finished goods; one room for raw material storage.
Material : soya beans, purified water, flavours, sugar
Power: 1.5 HP and 1 HP either single or three phase power supply as per the availability
Gas : two cylinders (Commercial)
Warranty: 1 year free service excluding TA/DA to technicians
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