Concentrated Mineral Drops (CMD) can add value to water just by mixing in it & can be positioned as the prime drinking water due to the fact that CMD contains over 72 ionically charged trace minerals that have been extracted from the world’s oldest inland sea, the Great Salt Lake, Utah, USA.

Due to the increasing human population there has been an increase in the amount of pollutants found in the environment, and water must now be 'purified' through chemical means in order for it to be safe for us to drink. Still, all of the chemicals and pollutants are not removed and so often we use the process of distillation and reverse-osmosis (RO) to purify the water further. However, as well as removing contaminants, these processes also remove the minerals that are naturally found in water and which are essential for our health and well-being. CMD contains natural mineral concentrate that restores the minerals in purified water, thus giving the body the supplements it needs to be healthy.

5 drops are to be mixed in 1 ltr water. CMD 60ml contains 1000 drops which is perfect for mixing in 200 ltr water for getting pure mineral water.

At present Aqua Genus company is using Aqua Hydrate product in USA by mixing CMD which is considered a supreme Mineral water. You can see attached label of the product.

People prefer energy drinks often to get recharge but CMD when mixed in juice or the like does not only recharge but provides the required minerals to replenish the body to give more stamina & relaxation thus being a perfect substitute to all health drinks available in the market like Gatorade etc.

Following are some of the features about CMD:
  1. CMD is certified as GRAS Generally Recognized as Safe, KOSHER from Rabbinical Council of California, HALAL from the Islamic Food & Nutrition Council of America, GMP from Natural Products Association & Vegan from American Vegetarian Association. Any other product without any such certifications will look like just chemicals mixed in water with no value at all.
  2. In addition to the above certifications, CMD has also been awarded Best Natural Product award in Minerals Category, Best Trace Mineral product in Food supplement category & Achievement Award in Achievers category
  3. CMD is a clinically proven product
  4. CMD is 78 times more concentrated than sea water. No other ionic mineral product is as naturally powerful. Attached is the letter from GSL, USA which proves this statement
  5. In this link you can see the names of those industries that are registered for extracting salt and other minerals from the Great Salt Lake. This is the best justification as there is no better evidence than the Govt.'s official website itself. After this no other company can claim the extraction from this source.
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